AOI HOTEL KYOTO Premium River view River view

River view

A special seat room with a breathtaking view over Kamogawa river.

The bench next to the big window will become your own special seat with a unique view over Kamogawa river and Higashiyama Mountain.
Paying close attention to even minute details, this room welcomes you with a sophisticated design and high usability equipment such as a mini-kitchenette and a washing machine, making it perfect for creating personal and meaningful moments while leisurely spending time inside.

River view DaybedRiver view Daybed
Rooftop(Public space)、Bathroom、 Rooftop(Public space)、Bathroom、 

Rooftop(Public space)、Bathroom、 


River view 間取り図


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River view

River view Detail

Number of guests: 2-4 guests


Tatami area, Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, River view terrace


Internet access
Broadband wireless internet
TV, BOSE (Bluetooth), Air conditioner, Washing and drying machine, handy smartphone (Free Unlimited International calls & Internet access)
Refrigerator, Microwave, Electric Kettle, Coffee maker, Coffee, Sencha(tea), Hojicha(tea), water
Bath towel, Face towel, Pajamas, Negative ion dryer, Scale
Tamanohada soap (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap), Soap, Toothbrush, Razor, Cotton / Cotton swab, Shower cap, Slippers
Free rental
Trouser presser, Iron, IH
Extra charge. Please inquire details.

※ As of July 2018 ※ The contents may be changed without notice. Please contact us for details.

The Hotel’s surroundings - Kamogawa river

Kamogawa river

It is no exaggeration to state that the scenery of the Kamogawa river from Aoi Hotel Kyoto Premium is like a special seat view that even the local townspeople hardly get the chance to enjoy.
There are many Japanese-style restaurants close to the river banks of Kamogawa river, which will built and open up their terraces near the river in summer, but these are never taller than two story buildings.
The time you can spend in these restaurants is also limited; however, at Aoi Hotel Kyoto the guests have this special view all to themselves and can enjoy it as much as they want and whenever they want.

River view
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