Let’s convey the charm of Kyoto to the world!

Now we are recruiting new partners to work together. Our company, Aoi Hotel& Resorts, dedicated to convey the essence of Kyoto culture to the whole world by providing Kyo-machiya and hotel with original concept and style. Would you like to joy us and develop a unique career experience?

Company name Aoi Hotel& Resorts
Industry Hotel, townhouse
Job content Customer service, Concierge and office work
Application qualification ・Fluent in Business English (writing and speaking), basic level in Japanese listening and speaking skill
・Work experience in hospitality industry or customer service for at least 3 years
・Under 35 years old
Work hours and Day off Rotating shift system, 8 days-off a month
Salary Adjustable based on work experience and performance
Benefit/Insurance Employee health insurance, Compensation Insurance and Welfare insurance
Office address 〒600-8013 Tenno-cho 146, Kiyamachi Bukkoji Agaru,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Application Contact TEL:075-354-7770


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