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à peu près- Kyoto-based French restaurant starts a new established partnership with Aoi Hotels&Resorts

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Aoi Hotels and Resorts is happy to announce a new established partnership with the Kyoto-based French restaurant “à peu près”.

This Machiya-style restaurant has been gaining more and more positive attraction and was even listed in the renowned Michelin guide. In cooperation with this aspiring restaurant, we will start our new breakfast delivery which aims to provide you with authentic French cuisine while enjoying the traditional Japanese atmosphere of our townhouses and hotel rooms.

Containing a variety of different hors d’oeuvre, this exclusive breakfast menu strikes a perfect balance of healthy nutrients, fresh fruit, warm soup and classical French croissants and baguette. Don’t miss out on a high-quality French cuisine experience at your next stay with us! Without a doubt, it will be a perfect start to your day of exploring Kyoto and its many beautiful facets.

Breakfast delivery orders can be placed starting from 2sets and will be delivered right to your room at your preferred time from 8:00am-10:00am in the morning. Please note that the restaurant is closed every Sunday and Monday, so delivery will not be available on these days.



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