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Greetings for the 10th anniversary of opening

Aoi Hotel & Resort started on June 2, 2011, immediately after the Great Tohoku Earthquake. And this year, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, is in the midst of a new coronavirus. At the time of our founding, the days when there were almost no customers continued for over a year. It was an era when there was no reservation site like now. As you can see the company's homepage, I go to sightseeing spots all over Kyoto on a daily basis, capture beautiful spots in the camera, post them on my blog, and search for "Kyoto @ Machiya @ Ryokan" and they will be listed at the top. It is now.

When I was about 5 years old, I was recommended by an overseas acquaintance and registered on the reservation site, and many customers came to visit me.Aoi has selected a location where guests who stayed at the hotel can say that they are glad they stayed at Aoi, and have been operating with a high-quality indoor space.
Now that the number of competitors is increasing, we would like to operate with a higher degree of originality. All the staff are working hard so that we can propose a trip that will satisfy our customers in Kyoto and welcome them after Corona.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Chairman Yoshiko Negishi



Workation 〜I'll travel Kyoto and work〜

"I want you to feel Kyoto so that I may live."
I'll include such feeling and offer you Workation plan. Please feel Kyoto while working at a terrace.

The fact for several minutes down which I go from Kawahara-cho which is also a center of Kyoto and the hotel where I pause on Kiyamachi street where the space which calmed down spreads.
More one which is ahead of it is built, and Kamogawa house in 100 also dissolves in a town.

The room where I wish for Kamogawa and Toyama. The charm by which that's this plan.
A vegetarian food and lunch prepare lunch BOX in the morning. You can spend luxurious time while healing a heart slowly at the special seat by the window.

◆ Monthly Workation 29 nights and 30 days 999,050 yen (tax and including accommodation tax)
◆ Double Weekly Workation 13 nights and 14 days 535,600 yen (tax and including accommodation tax)
◆ Single Weekly Workation 5 nights and 6 days 239,750 yen (tax and including accommodation tax)

A plan prepares 3 kinds. Please inquire in the mail telephone for details.



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