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Summer in Kyoto

Even though Kyoto is known for its particularly hot summers since old times, the unusually fierce heat wave that has been hitting Japan this year even took Kyoto locals by surprise.

While the hot and humid days continue, we have created the following short guide to spending summer time in Kyoto, so that our guests will not be defeated by this heat wave and can get the most out of their stay.


  1. 1.Early morning walks

Even though at first this might sound like a plan that is hard to pull through, this can definitely be a rewarding and wonderful experience. Waking up early and going on a sightseeing tour outside of the usual hours will not only save you from the high temperatures and burning sun, but will also allow you to experience places in a different and unique way.

Places that are usually packed with people and tourists, such as the pathways and slopes to the famous Kiyomizu temple, will show you their true colors with only a few people scattered around. Even the Kiyomizu temple itself (which opens its gates at 6am) will feel as if you are having it all to yourself.

Enjoy the cool morning breeze while taking a stroll through Higashiyama district and see the classic beauty of Kyoto while it is about to wake up from its deep slumber. Guests staying at our Kangetsu-tei or Kan-un-an villa can enjoy the early morning hours by walking down the Philosopher’s Path or paying a visit to the famous Nanzenji temple close by.

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2. Luxurious time inside

Once the calm early morning hours have passed and during the fierce heat and glaring sun of daytime, return and take a moment to relax inside of our Machiya or spacious hotel rooms.
You can enjoy a cup of tea while looking at the Kamogawa river right in front of your window, pick up a book and read or even take a short nap. The possibilities of enjoying your house or room in your very own way are endless.
You might also want to try going to a nearby spa or even have a professional massage in your room to help you relax and forget about the stress of everyday life.

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3. Dinner on the Kamogawa outdoor terraces

When the sun has set and the temperature drops, it is the perfect time to enjoy a special meal outside by the riverbanks. Kawayuka is the name of the wooden terraces which restaurants along the Kamogawa river build in April and open up for business from May to September only.
Along Kiyamachi street and in close proximity to our hotel there is a variety of restaurants (starting from long-established Japanese restaurants to French and Italian restaurants and even bars) that offer you a seat at their kawayuka.
Enjoying a delicious meal while sitting on the terrace and feeling the soft breeze on your skin with the calming sounds of the river in the background truly is the real definition of a summer night in Kyoto. The kawayuka are a special feature of summer in Kyoto and an unforgettable experience you cannot make anywhere else.

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