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Aoi Hotel Kyoto Premium – Grand Opening

The city of Kyoto. Here at Aoi Kyoto Stay, we are convinced that there is no place else in this world that is so full of wonders, charm and fascination than the former capital city of Japan. It seems like no matter how often you come to visit, there are always new discoveries to make and more beautiful and graceful facets to uncover.

In accordance with the city’s ever-changing sceneries, we want to share with our guests new and different forms of traveling. It was with this philosophy in mind that first Aoi Kyoto Stay (Machiya-Stay) and later Aoi Hotel Kyoto were founded. Once again, it was the same thought and desire that lead to the creation of our new hotel brand, Aoi Hotel Kyoto Premium.

With only 5 spacious rooms in total, Aoi Hotel Kyoto Premium almost represents a kind of personal sanctuary from the busy everyday life of Kyoto. Even though it is located right in the heart of the city, its modern yet simple and modest design provides it with a calming and soothing atmosphere.

It is the delicate blend of a feeling-at-home warmth of a traditional Japanese Machiya and the convenience and comfort of a hotel that leaves no doubt that nowhere else in Kyoto you will be able to spend this kind of quality time to your heart’s content.

In the river-view rooms, you can let your worries fade away by taking in the breathtaking scenery of Kamogawa River and Higashiyama Mountain from your private special seat beside the large windows.

In the city-view room, you can spend time your very own way by taking in its refined and calming atmosphere, savoring the fine art of the folding screen paintings inside, or by taking a short breather at the shared space terrace located on the hotel’s rooftop.

The possibilities are endless.

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●Hotel design by SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co,.Ltd.

Aoi Hotel Kyoto Premium was designed by the multi-award winning SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE. The Hiroshima based studio has gathered popularity, highly critical acclaim and many prizes both in- and outside of Japan and is considered one of its fastest growing and most exciting architecture firms.
Based on typical architectural features of traditional Kyo-Machiya town houses, such as the kitchen at the entrance, the raised tatami and living area, as well as its length-orientated layout, the rooms are specifically designed to remind you of the historical accommodations in Kyoto.
Perhaps this is the main reason why underneath the modern and stylish design of the rooms, one is still able to feel the calming, reassuring and comforting warmth of a Japanese home.

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