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Kamogawa House Door
Kamogawa House Door
The door of Aoi Kamogawa-tei is renovated from a piece of antique furniture.

Located in surrounding of many long-established ryokans and restaurants, Aoi Kyoto Stay and Aoi Hotel Kyoto provide you a convenient access to explore the heart of Kyoto culture, Higashiyama district.
Those historical townhouses may seem mysterious at the first glimpse, yet behind the heavy wooden door, is a cozy space in a warm atmosphere which makes you feel like staying at your close friend’s home.
From entrance to every details in the house,  what we would like to provide you is a living experience as local people. Starting from here, your Kyoto stories will be one-of -the-kind, not just a copy version as someone else ’s traveling blog.


A house like nowhere else, a place like home

Cherry blossoms view from Kamogawa residence The scenery of cherry blossom viewed from Aoi Kamogawa-tei

The director of foundation, Ms. Yoshiko Nagishi, was fascinated by the depth of the culture of this city when she still ran a consultant company and needed to visit Kyoto frequently for business. Driven by the deep affection and irresistible passion, she renovated a Kyomachiya to be her residence and also as the work place. When her friend, Alex Kerr, who has profound knowledge of Japan culture, visited the Kyomachiya renovated by Ms. Yoshiko Negishi, he was astonished by the revivified antiques and the decoration with great sensibility to beauty and art, and said ‘’Living in such place can make people fully experience the spirit of Kyoto culture.’’ These words which were said unintentionally, brought a big twist to Ms. Yoshiko Negishi’ life.
To provide a place where visitors can live as local people do, that is the starting point of Aoi Kyoto Stay.

Feeling every touching moment in the exquisite space

Kamogawa House Door Enjoy the leisure time on your own private terrace in Aoi Kamogawa-tei

Deprive of unnecessary service, providing a space where guests can enjoy an ambiance of tranquility and relaxation is the spirit of the hospitality that we are dedicating to offer.
Opening the door of the townhouse that blends into the surroundings well, what waiting for you is a luxury and exquisite space.
Reconstructed from a very historical building, every pillars and beams in the house records the house’s history by the mottled surface, while the perfect balance with the exquisite furniture and decoration gives the house unique definitions of Kyomachiya. Providing luxury accommodations for the premier quality time is our promise to every guest.

Living in Kyoto, experiencing the culture evolving with the time.

Sukiya-style construction in Room 301 of Aoi Hotel Kyoto. Sukiya-style construction in Room 301 of Aoi Hotel Kyoto.

Aoi Hotel Kyoto, which is located on the bank of Kamo river, is highly distinct from any other hotels, and also nothing similar with the common concept for so called hotels. Based on the original philosophy, we create 6 unique rooms by pursuing the perfect balance between art, classical Kyoto culture and convenient modern life style uncompromisingly.
In Aoi Hotel Kyoto,  we collect every premium product and art piece regardless of their  generation and the place of origin, and create a unique time and space in which you can experience the authenticity of Kyoto.


A place free you from the routine life, a place only belongs to you, a place you can live in your own Kyo-style.

Kyoto familiar landscape


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