AOI STAY KYOTO Philosopher’s Path Villa Kan-un-an

Philosopher’s Path Villa Kan-un-an

At the foot of Mt. Higashiyama,
surrounded by serene quietness,
lies a villa only for you.

The Philosopher’s Path - the most well-known path in Kyoto for its breathtaking sceneries of cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn. The Philosopher’s Path received its name because of one of Japan’s most famous philosophers. It is said that he used to meditate while walking down this path in his everyday life. Kan-un-an is located at one end of this Philosopher’s Path. Only a minute’s walk away from the house, you can step onto this pleasant stone path and walk its route from the neighborhood of the famous Nanzen-ji temple to Ginkaku-ji, the silver pavilion. The villa offers three bedrooms, a built-in kitchen and a wonderful garden lined with many Japanese maple trees. We would like to welcome you to Kan-un-an in order for you to thoroughly experience the beauty of nature in Kyoto.

King size bedroomKing size bedroom


Philosopher’s Path Villa Kan-un-an 間取り図


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Philosopher’s Path Villa Kan-un-an


Philosopher’s Path Villa Kan-un-an Detail

Number of guests: From 2 to 7 guest(s)


Dining room with built-in kitchen, Japanese room, bedroom 1(king sized bed*1), bedroom 2 (double-sized bed*2), bedroom 3 (king sized bed*1), bathroom, restroom


Internet access
Broadband wireless internet
Slipper, Humidifier, Bluetooth audio, TV, DVD player
Refrigerator, Microwave, coffee maker , Electric Kettle, Stove, cutlery, Japanese tea, coffee, water
Toilet seats with a warm water shower, Washing machine with dryer, Tamanohada (shampoo, conditioner, body soap), Soap, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Razor, Shower cap, Cotton, Towels, Pajamas.

The Hotel’s surroundings - Philosopher’s Path

Philosopher’s Path

From Meiji to Showa era, there were many villa and gardens built around the area where the original Nanzenji temple was located in, and those gardens were created by a famous garden designer, Ogawa Jihei, who was the seventh principal of this family business. Nowadays, this area becomes one of the most beautiful walks in Kyoto. Although many tourists like to take a walk from Nanzenji temple to Silver temple, we would like to recommend you the following route: Murian->Nanzenji temple->Nomura Hekiunso Villa->Eikando temple->Sumitomo Collection->Ko-un-ji temple->Philosopher’s Path->Ginkakuji temple

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Philosopher’s Path Villa Kan-un-an
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