Aoi’s pick up


Workation 〜I'll travel Kyoto and work〜

"I want you to feel Kyoto so that I may live."
I'll include such feeling and offer you Workation plan. Please feel Kyoto while working at a terrace.

The fact for several minutes down which I go from Kawahara-cho which is also a center of Kyoto and the hotel where I pause on Kiyamachi street where the space which calmed down spreads.
More one which is ahead of it is built, and Kamogawa house in 100 also dissolves in a town.

The room where I wish for Kamogawa and Toyama. The charm by which that's this plan. A vegetarian food and lunch prepare lunch BOX in the morning.
You can spend luxurious time while healing a heart slowly at the special seat by the window.

◆ Monthly Workation  29 nights and 30 days  999,050 yen (tax and including accommodation tax)
◆ Double  Weekly Workation  13 nights and 14 days  535,600 yen (tax and including accommodation tax)
◆ Single  Weekly Workation  5 nights and 6 days  239,750 yen (tax and including accommodation tax)

A plan prepares 3 kinds. Please inquire in the mail telephone for details.

Workation 〜I'll travel Kyoto and work〜イメージ1
Workation 〜I'll travel Kyoto and work〜イメージ2
Workation 〜I'll travel Kyoto and work〜イメージ3


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